“Confessions of a Bad Christian” – How about a reality check instead of show?

Just when I think they cannot come up with another ridiculous idea for a reality show they come up with another ridiculous idea for a reality show. I did a little research and found over 100 shows that could be called “reality” tv. There is actually a show called Reality Wrap-up on VH1 that summarizes all of the intellectual genius of these shows so that you don’t have to watch. What a blessing that is! For example, what if you missed the latest round of Date Plate, the show that pits two culinary Casanovas in a competition to win the stomach and heart of a beautiful bachelorette? The Food Network describes the riveting drama of this show.

They work within a budget — and against a clock — each cooking a special meal for a woman they’ve never met. The most delicious part is that the bachelors can see and learn about the bachelorette through a video greeting card, while she knows nothing about the men trying to woo her — except for their cooking skills of course! She chooses her Romeo based solely on the meal he makes for her — a truly tasty twist on dating television.

“Confessions of a Bad Christian” – Wouldn’t take nothin’ for the journey now

Regular readers of these humble ramblings know one thing for sure. My brain is not wired according to factory specs. So it was no surprise to me that some synapses randomly crossed and I couldn’t get a gospel song out of my mind that I had not heard in, oh, forty years. That is the curse of a mind that can’t remember a security ATM pin number but knows every word to the Mr. Ed theme song.

“Confessions of a Bad Christian” – What Would Jesus Say?

A local church is doing an interesting sermon series involving what Jesus would say to various celebrities. The signboard asks the question, What would Jesus say to….

Paris Hilton.
Tom Cruise.
Terrell Owens.

I wondered what I would say to each of those famous or infamous people. In my fantasy world I would say something like this…

Paris Hilton – Look up the definition of shame.
Terrell Owens – It is your job to catch passes. Just do your job. I don’t dance in the middle of the room when I do my job well (thank God).
Tom Cruise – You might want to rethink the medication thing.
Bono – You rock.

“Confessions of a Bad Christian” – Not euphemistic about the future?

It seems the number one rule of our enlightened culture is to not offend anyone. The corollary to that rule is to not clearly communicate whenever humanly possible.  John Leo wrote a great piece at Townhall.com about the avalanche of euphemisms that are overtaking actual communication. In this world a plane crash becomes, to the airlines, a “Hull loss.”  

New Orleans police rejected the term “looting” after Katrina, but they conceded “the possibility of appropriation of non-essential items from businesses.” I don’t think too many cared if water, baby food, clothing, and groceries were taken for desperate families. DVD players and HDTV’s are another issue. Exhibit A is survival…exhibit B is looting.  

“Confessions of a Bad Christian” – I am a rock?

Earlier this month I received the most meaningful birthday present of my life. When you get to be my age birthdays are kind of like unspoken prayer requests. You are aware they are there but you don’t want to make them public.  

But my family still insists on acknowledging the march of time on my birthday. So the morning of April 6th dawned and my wife gave me a lovely card. And then she presented her gift. 

“Confessions of a Bad Christian” – Waiters don’t find much left behind

I came across a fascinating story in USA Today last Friday. The article was entitled CEOs vouch for Waiter Rule: Watch how people treat staff. I was shouting Amen just after reading the title. Writer Del Jones hit the ball out of the park with this one. Christians, lace up your steel toed boots because this could be a toe-stomper. 

Here is an excerpt from the piece written by Mr. Jones… 

“Confessions of a Bad Christian” – Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson

April 15th is not my favorite day of the year. Tax day is never fun for a guy who is organizationally challenged. My idea of being prepared is having everything in one box. But I was heartened to find that April 15th is a great day for baseball fans. 

Jackie Robinson made his major league debut at first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers on that date in 1947. It was a historic and significant day for baseball but maybe more so for our country. You can argue that the American civil rights movement was ignited when Robinson came to bat in Dodger Blue. The journey for Robinson was difficult at best and nearly impossible at worst.