“Confessions of a Bad Christian” – Bald is Beautiful…Part 2

There are abundant blessings to be found in every trial. One of the surprising blessings for me in our breast cancer journey has been meeting the sisterhood of breast cancer. That is when I first realized that bald is beautiful. These women are everywhere. And they are awesome. They are courageous. They have dignity and strength. One of my favorite t-shirts simply says…

I am a REAL survivor!

“Confessions of a Bad Christian” – Bald is Beautiful…Part 1

One of my smart aleck remarks that I use periodically is that “I am not burdened by that whole maturity thing.” There are many times when I go about demonstrating that in real life. But the unwelcome intrusion of “life” into my happy little routine has caused me to evaluate a lot of things. God is teaching and revealing a lot of things to me during our cancer journey.

1. I am clearly a work in progress as a follower of Jesus.
2. He has done a lot of work over the years that I was not aware of until this cancer trial came along.

“Confessions of a Bad Christians” – On being a great closer

Because many of you have somehow forgotten to buy my books. (shameless link) I continue to make my primary living by directing sporting events. I am the faceless guy (actually I have a face, it just isn’t on camera) that selects the camera shots that you see during a televised game. For twenty three years I have directed Texas Rangers baseball. And this season has taught me a valuable spiritual lesson from the National Pastime. I have learned how important it is to be a good closer.


“Confessions of a Bad Christian” – Real Men Don’t What?

One thing I hope is true of these humble ramblings is that they are, at the very least, honest. So I will confess that I struggle mightily with “celebrity” books. I remember when my first book was released and I visited a local book emporium. One lonely copy of my brand new baby was buried on a bottom shelf in the back. Featured on a table at the front of the store were dozens of copies of the autobiography of fifteen year old singer Charlotte Church! The title was “Voice of an Angel” and the subtitle included the obvious disclaimer…My life: (So far). Here is some of what she had learned: (so far).

…what I’ve learned is that no experience goes to waste. Life is made up of building blocks. Each block makes way for the next block. Because of this there is something positive to be gained from everything you do. Just be true to yourself and be prepared to work hard.

Next I applied a valuable technique that I learned from radio talk show host Glen Beck. I duct taped my head to keep it from exploding. Is that how Jesus would respond? Probably not. But no matter how personable or talented a fifteen year old might be they have not accumulated enough life experience to write an autobiography. I remember hearing a noted pastor say that you should not write a word until you are forty. Since I was younger at that time I thought he was an out of touch old geezer. Now that I have celebrated thirteen anniversaries of that forty year milestone I can see exactly what he meant. I am just now starting to figure this journey out. Am I a slow learner? Maybe. But the Bible tells us to exalt the grumpy old men in your assembly. 

“Confessions of a Bad Christian” – We don’t understand

For the last post you were blessed with a respite from yours truly as eldest Son Matt filled this space. His words impacted me and made me think about how I view others. We really don’t know what baggage others are carrying. Here are Matt’s comments about an unwilling conversation he had on a plane with a guy who just needed to talk.

“Confessions of a Bad Christian” – Carry on baggage

Today you get a break. I am pleased and proud to turn these humble ramblings over to a guest rambler. And a pretty special one at that. Eldest son Matt came home a couple of weeks ago to join a weekend home edition of “Makeover for Mom”. The boys decided to show their love for their wonderful Mom by updating a tired bathroom, cleaning out a cluttered garage, and stripping some outdated wallpaper. They worked almost around the clock and the results were wonderful for both the house and the heart of a Mom who felt very loved. On his way home to Nashville Matt put these thoughts together. I proudly turn my space over to my Son. Enjoy.