I taught you that – a tribute to my Dad


This a transcript of the words I spoke at my father’s memorial service. This will be my third Father’s Day since he went to be with his Heavenly Father. My Dad made a difference in my life. You will make a difference in the lives of your children. They listen only sometimes. But they are always watching. My Dad probably never realized how closely I was watching. I can only pray that my Son’s will feel as blessed to call me Dad as I was to address my own father.


Its GREAT when it works!

I love the Muppets. I must have watched the Muppet Movie over a hundred times with first born and second born sons. One of my favorite characters is Gonzo the Great. No one is quiet sure what Gonzo is. In The Great Muppet Caper Fozzie Bear, Kermit, and Gonzo are newspaper reporters who are sent, via air cargo, to London to investigate a jewel heist. But the mystery of Gonzo remains. The crates for Fozzie and Kermit are labeled “Bear” and “Frog”. On Gonzo’s crate is the stenciling “Whatever”. Maybe that is why I love this character so much. A sensitive and kind of weird “whatever” in search of himself. I can relate to that.

What’s up with the Bad Christian title?

It has been a while since I dusted off the wildly popular feature “Ask a Bad Christian”. Today’s questions revolve around one theme and have come from several people.

Why do you call your blog “Confessions of a Bad Christian”? Do you really think you are a bad Christian?

Yeah.  Sometimes I am. Sometimes “badder” than on other days.

How to win friends and influence people


For the past few weeks I have been writing about Joni’s cancer and our journey through that trial. I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to write your thoughts on something and have your salvation questioned for your trouble. My wonderful high school basketball coach used to teach us that you “catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. I am sure that my cyber critics will tell you that only truth matters and to sugarcoat it is not necessary.

What are you people thinking?


Today’s post will probably be most interesting to one of my most faithful visitors.


As I pass blog mileage markers I am fascinated by what articles resonated with readers and which did not. Last week I posted blog number 150 in the seven month life of this venture. So I decided to go back and see which posts were most read and offer a couple of personal favorites that did not make the cut. Because I am trying honesty as an experiment at this site I will tell you that I eliminated the actual number one post in the rankings. That article involved an airplane and famous pastor’s wife. I am tired of the story and the sad level of discourse about it. So, in the immortal paraphrased words of Lesley Gore and sung to the tune of “It’s My Party” please sing along…

Ask me about my grand dogs….

Okay…I know this is a little sad. But the reality is that so far in the grandchild derby the two married sons (out of three) have yet to spawn. Unmarried Brett has been ruled ineligible to compete in this event. Joni and I have been content (for the time being) to enjoy our grand dogs and await the first grandchild with diminishing patience.

Middle son Scott was the first to present us with a grand dog. This is Sadie smiling sweetly for the camera.

We won’t miss the “red devil” one bit…

This is also posted today at Joni’s site called Sharing the Journey.

Joni and I met with the Oncologist yesterday to discuss our strategy for today and the weeks ahead. Our doctor decided to dial back the strength of the chemotherapy a bit to help prevent the kind of blood count problem we encountered last time. After today we have only one more encounter with the chemo drug the nurses call the “red devil”. I have met a new friend through this trial who is also sharing the cancer journey with his wife. His name is Rick Green. Rick is a pastor in Oregon and happens to be a talented artist. He did some sketches to help him deal with the emotional roller coaster of cancer. Here is his take on the “red devil” drug.