Perfect Cyber Storm hits Bad Christian

Regular readers of these ramblings have been contacting me this week. Thousands of irate viewers…uhh…make that hundreds….okay….seven people have written to ask what is going on? “Why I have been *&*#$^ banned from your website?” asked one reader who represents the demographic I reach. For a week I received the same message that all of you read.

“You (Bad Christian) are not authorized to view this (your very own site) website. Contact the webmaster if you think this is in error.”

And therein was the problem.

My webguy was busy cruising the seas with his beautiful bride and had no email access. Apparently a new spam filter installed to block some very persistent jerks decided to block all of us as well. Since I could not contact him we were caught in a perfect cyber storm.

So please forgive us. And be encouraged that starting Monday you will be deluged with several days of  pent up “Bad Christian” rants! Thanks for your patience. It is good to be back. Hope all seven of you feel the same!