Using my “agenda”

I have been receiving an overwhelming response to my article about “confessing my agenda” to Rosie O’Donnell after her less than positive comments about Christianity. Many of you have written asking for permission to use/print/reproduce those comments. I am blessed that so many of you found that article helpful. Feel free to use it with my blessings. If you reproduce it in a publication simply note the source. If you decide to use it at a website please link it to or to my site at Confessions of a Bad Christian. If you use it from the pulpit without accredidation just know that Jesus is watching. For newcomers…I am kidding!

If this post communicates your heart why not forward the “agenda” to your circle of influence? We might as well start a groundswell of Christians committed to this “radical” and “troublesome” brand of faith.

Blessings and joy in the journey,