My Christmas Gift List

When I was a kid the holidays seemed to politely wait their turn in line. Thanksgiving would take the baton from Halloween and then pass it along to Christmas.  Now the Holidays clamor for attention like a spoiled child at the mall. I have been receiving Christmas catalogs for weeks and the stores are already filled with Christmas displays. By the way, you will note that I am a proud user of the term Christmas for the December 25th event that is known on the federal calendar as Christmas Day.  That was a bonus mini-rant. No charge.

Should we scare the hell out of them?

Halloween is one of my least favorite times of the year. Don’t worry.  I am not going to launch into a tirade about how Christians need to protest this pagan holiday. I dislike Halloween because it is one of the times each year when I want to take my evangelical name tag off and hide it for a few days. One of the reasons I want to go incognito is the proliferation of Christian Halloween Hell Houses or Judgment Houses. Yes, in another sad attempt to mirror the popular culture we have taken the bad idea of the haunted house and made it into the infinitely worse idea of the Hell House. These actual descriptions are taken from a popular version of this odd approach to evangelism.

iPod Devotional Series…Freedom Never Cries

I may be a “Bad Christian” but I am loyal to my tens of readers. I have been hearing your overwhelming cry for the return of the iPod Devotional series. Okay, it was really just faithful reader Kathy who asked for it’s return with this question.

P.S. Will the iPod devotions return anytime soon? Love those!!

Die Happy? I think this might be the wrong book to reference.

I am a book-a-holic. Books are my high and you will regularly see me stumbling out of another book store clutching a bag of fresh verbiage. Recently I came across a  volume with an intriguing title.

Die Happy – 499 Things Every Guy’s Gotta Do While He Still Can

Since I would like to die happy I decided to check it out. Authors Tim and Michael Burke outlined the concept of the book at their website called, oddly enough, Die Happy. (Warning…there is offensive content at this site)

Happy Anniversary to…me

One year ago today I sent out an email to a few hundred of my closest friends announcing a new blog. The most common response?

What’s a blog?

In that initial missive I said this…

I will be posting often about issues that affect the body of Christ. The topics will range from politics to embarrassing Christians. We will discuss faith in our culture and what it means to be an authentic follower of Christ. It will be honest, edgy, and it should be fun.

Supporting Baylor’s “Cover-up”

This past weekend I downed some coffee and perused the Dallas Morning News before heading to Waco for Homecoming football action at Baylor University. A headline in the Metro Section caught my eye.

SMU, Baylor bare souls over ‘Playboy’
Dallas school won’t fight photo shoot; Bears clothes-minded

The headline writers obviously had some fun with their jobs but the story was serious. Here is an excerpt from the piece written by DMN writer Michael E.Young.