The Dad Dialogues…Matt responds

The daily ramblings have recently featured a little dialogue between father and son. Eldest son Matt has allowed me to post our discussion on some questions he is pondering. If you would like to catch up the series started when Matt had a thought provoking, soul-searching encounter with a homeless man in Salt Lake City. I responded to some of his questions about being more transparent, pride, and the challenge of finding real friends. Here is Matt’s response to the first round of the dialogue.


The Dad Dialogues…Real Friends are a Treasure

Eldest son Matt posed a series of questions recently that I have addressed in two previous blogs. I just received a follow-up from him that I will address in the days to come. It is fun, challenging, and a little annoying to have your progeny make you think this deeply. Matt is a bit uncomfortable with the public nature of the dialogue and I can understand that. I have several years of public declaration that I am an idiot saved by grace who is currently engaged in a fumbling, bumbling stagger to the finish line. It is a relief to acknowledge that simple fact and I found that, for me, that declaration was a turning point in my journey.

The Dad Dialogues…Pride is a four letter word

Last week I had the first response to Eldest Son Matt’s questions about his encounter with a homeless man named Brett on a recent trip to Salt Lake City. Matt relayed the emotional and gut level prayer that Brett prayed for him.

I asked to pray for him (Brett) and said a generic prayer of protection, hope, forgiveness, and provision of resources. I reached for my wallet again and he stopped me. He asked to pray for me. He prayed a beautifully inarticulate prayer with his raspy broken voice,

The Dad Dialogues – Shedding the armor

Regular readers of the humble ramblings know that eldest Son Matt is an occasional contributor. Yesterday I posted his recent experience with a homeless man named Brett. At the end Matt posed some questions. In the interest of brevity (I know I am long-worded) I am taking one question at a time. Here is the first round and my response to one of his questions.

What will it take to shed off layers and layers of protective amour that guard my heart everyday?

Hey Matt,

Sometimes pride is okay

Regular readers of the humble ramblings know that eldest Son Matt is an occasional contributor. I have threatened to cut him off from this site because his thoughts often get better responses than the Old Man receives. Recently Matt wrote to me about a very personal experience and he posed some questions. He has given me permission to allow you to “eavesdrop” and even contribute to our dialogue. I think you will see why I am filled with the good kind of pride when I see how God is working in Matt’s life. His Mom did a heckuva job. And she has also done an awesome job with the younger Sons. We are blessed with three kind, Godly men.

What sins do I hide away?

I did not respond right away to the allegations against Pastor Ted Haggard. I waited to see if the charges were proved to be partly or wholly true. And then I waited to see how Ted Haggard responded. Regular readers of these ramblings know that I believe strongly in everyone’s personal responsibility and accountability when we publically proclaim the name of Jesus Christ. It is a responsibility that I do not take lightly. And I do not take lightly any rebukes that I offer to others who have fallen short in their journey. I believe that every follower of Jesus should not only love the Lord with all of their hearts but should also seek to follow the credo of  primum non nocere, “first, do no harm”.

Making the simple complex

Today I sat through an annual corporate seminar for a broadcast network. The seminar concluded with a long presentation on diversity, sexual harrassment, and creating a non-hostile workplace atmosphere. I understand and support the need for such a program. But I have to admit that somewhere around the forty-five minute mark I started thinking that the Apostle Paul could have accomplished this seminar in about…oh…2 minutes. Two passages pretty much would have covered everything that had been laid out in painstaking and lengthy detail. Here is my fantasy Human Resources seminar with Paul.

“Hi, my name is Paul from Tarsus. I was asked to stand in for the HR director. First of all, here is a little policy I wrote for the Ephesians.