Feeling really old…

While I am busy living the Johnny Cash song “I’ve Been Everywhere“ I have to offer one more leftover post. I promise I will go to the blog market and get some fresh ideas to whip up for tomorrow. A news item about the death of TV producer/writer Sidney Sheldon brought to mind a post from last year. Sheldon was the creator of I Dream of Jeannie and I remember feeling very, very old when I read the celebrity birthday list.

Blessings, Dave

If you’re happy and you know it…tell your face

What??? Leftovers again? Sorry but this week is not working for fresh blog offerings. Another gently reheated post is the best I can do today. Complimentary, of course.    Blessings,  Dave

Peanuts comic strip features Charlie Brown’s sister Sally struggling to spread frozen butter on her toast. Finally she exclaims, “Nobody told me life was going to be this hard!”

Help for a thin resume?

Because of a busy schedule there is no time to whip up a fresh post. Please accept this gently warmed leftover on the house.

Blessings,  Dave

An interesting note in a recent edition of The Week magazine featured two short blurbs about the art of resume writing. One company that does background checks has found that well over half of all resumes contain false information. Background Information Services has found that most people stretch the truth about their work and educational credentials.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs….

I am sure that at least a few readers of these humble ramblings remember a song by Five Man Electrical Band. The song was called “Signs” and it told about some warnings that dared to tell us what to do.

Sign Sign everywhere a sign
Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign

I remember the opening part of the song quite well.

Unintentional wounds still hurt

In December 1979, a tragedy occurred in my home state of Ohio. The Who rock group came to Cincinnati to perform at Riverfront Coliseum. The tickets were sold in a then-popular format called festival seating. 

Ticket prices were fixed, and the best seats went to the concertgoers who could get inside most quickly. Needless to say, festival seating caused some chaos in the best of circumstances. But in Cincinnati that night, the self-centered desires for good seats led to disaster. When the doors finally opened, the impatient crowd surged forward, resulting in a crush of humanity. Eleven people were killed that night and scores injured.  

Some people change

Country music sometimes gets an unfair reputation. Some of that reputation is self-inflicted thanks to a few colorful and occasionally silly song titles. I confess that I have made fun of some country tunes. Here are some actual song titles with bonus commentary in italics.

  • Her Teeth Were Stained, But Her Heart Was Pure     There is one you probably won’t find at Hallmark.
  • I Flushed You From The Toilets Of My Heart    Bonus track…I took the plunge, then took the plunger
  • I Wanna Whip Your Cow   No comment
  • I’m So Miserable Without You, It’s Like Having You Here   Perhaps a tad too honest.

What we don’t know will hurt us…

I suspect I am a rather typical guy that is trying to follow Jesus effectively. Some good stretches. Some bad. I tend to take two steps forward then one or two or three or ten backwards. In retrospect I can see that much of my stumbling, bumbling walk has been because I did not have a solid, well reasoned theology to back my desire to know God. I approached Christianity just like I approached everything else. With that ill-conceived male bravado that led me to utter such later regretted classics as…

How hard can this be?
I don’t need the instructions.
I am sure we turn here.
I measured it once already.
I think it is disconnected.