Top 20 Countdown: Number 8 – Won the Battle, Losing the War?

The eighth most read article was written about the effects of the controversy surrounding the movie End of the Spear. Are we fighting the right battles? This situation was a classic debate on that important question.

The box office run of End of the Spear  has drawn to a close. The backlash from a number of Christian blogs, publications, and from many  pulpits accomplished its goal. Estimates are that the controversy cut the box office return by one-half to two-thirds. I wish congratulations were in order. But I am simply burdened and discouraged by our choice of battles in the evangelical community.

Top 20 Countdown – Number 9: I Thought I Was Tough

This is an amazing coincidence. The ninth most popular article in the Top 20 Countdown is a story I wrote about how amazing my wife has been through cancer treatments and how much I respect her. It is amazing because this happens to fall on the same day that I married this woman thirty-one years ago. There was a time back before she was mine when I thought I was tough. 

Top 20 Countdown – Number 10: Supporting Baylor’s “Cover-up”

The countdown reaches the Top 10 with today’s article. Adopted alma-mater Baylor University was the subject of this piece. Number 10: Supporting Baylor’s “Cover-up”. 

This past weekend I downed some coffee and perused the Dallas Morning News before heading to Waco for Homecoming football action at Baylor University. A headline in the Metro Section caught my eye.

SMU, Baylor bare souls over ‘Playboy’  
Dallas school won’t fight photo shoot; Bears clothes-minded

The headline writers obviously had some fun with their jobs but the story was serious. Here is an excerpt from the piece written by DMN writer Michael E.Young.

Top 20 Countdown – Number 11: Bald is Beautiful – Part 1

The Top 20 Countdown today features one of my favorite articles. It was written to my beautiful bride as she lost her hair during cancer treatments.  At Number 11: Bald is Beautiful – Part 1. 

One of my smart aleck remarks that I use periodically is that “I am not burdened by that whole maturity thing.” There are many times when I go about demonstrating that in real life. But the unwelcome intrusion of “life” into my happy little routine has caused me to evaluate a lot of things. God is teaching and revealing a lot of things to me during our cancer journey.

Top 20 Countdown – Number 12: Chris Rice and the Great “Cartoons” Controversy

The Top 20 Countdown reaches Number 12 with a tongue-in-cheek article about singer Chris Rice and the theological concerns with cartoon characters becoming Christians. 

I think I am going to start posting a warning label so the Spiritual Hall Monitors will be alerted to the fact that my blog may contain humor or, according to some, attempted humor. With this warning they can avoid encountering humor, satire, and sarcasm that might trigger an allergic reaction for the sullen saints.

Warning: The following post may contain humor. This blog was produced in a program where irony and satire are processed. May contain sarcasm fragments.

Top 20 Countdown – Number 13: One lonely Christian responds to Madonna and Sam Harris

It is fascinating to see which articles resonate with readers. Today the Number 13 most read post is about Madonna and atheist author Sam Harris.

When I was a kid we had, arguably, the most ridiculous public service film in the history of civilization. It was called Duck and Cover and the film featured a turtle named Bert.

You can enjoy a couple of chuckles by watching this film here.


Top 20 Countdown – Number 14: How to be a Good Cancer Buddy

It has been eighteen months since Joni’s breast cancer diagnosis. I have written many articles about that journey and the Number 14 post is called “How to be a Good Cancer Buddy”. 

It is not easy to know what to do when a brother or sister is going through adversity. So here are some early lessons we have learned from our cancer journey.

A primer for being a good adversity buddy…