Setting Up The Series

Next week we restart the iPod Devotional Series. To give you a hint of things to come here is a sampler from the last round.

Today’s edition of “As the iPod Turns” lands us on a song by Percy Sledge. I loved Motown music as a teen and I still do. My secret desire was to perform as the bass singer with the Temptations. Remember the song “Papa was a Rolling Stone”?  I wanted to be the guy that said “and that ain’t right” in that deep, deep bass voice. But my lack of talent, dancing ability, and the general composition of the group precluded that dream from becoming reality.

New Season Preview

One of the more popular series in the storied history of “Bad Christians” was the iPod Devotional Series. The idea was to take my iPod device, hit the shuffle feature and then write about whatever song popped up. It was a fun and well received series but then I got distracted by a shiny object and it faded away. So I am pleased to announce that the iPod Devotional Series will return in September. Here is a sample of one the devotionals from last year to (hopefully) whet your appetite.

Make Sure You Leave The Right “Mark”

(WARNING TO THE HUMOR IMPAIRED – The following post may offend some. If you are easily irritated or have a tendency to email nasty comments to blog writers please do not continue. Thank you).

Recently God has been sending me a consistent message. Get out of your comfort bunker. Give up control and trust Me. I happened to stumble onto a parody of a beloved poem called “Footprints in the Sand”. The original poem was written in 1936 by Mary Stevenson. It told a beautiful story of how God carries you through the hard times. If you somehow missed the original version you can click here to read it (be warned that there are annoying surf sound effects at the site).

Is Michael Vick Being Real?

Michael Vick was somber as he asked forgiveness and admitted his mistakes. His comments were brief.

“I made a mistake of using bad judgment and making bad decisions. Those things just can’t happen. Dogfighting is a terrible thing, and I do reject it.”  He singled out NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Blank, coach Bobby Petrino and his teammates for personal apologies, saying “I was not honest and forthright in our discussions.”

He also apologized to “all the young kids out there for my immature acts and what I did — and what I did was very immature. So that means I need to grow up.”

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

One of the most predictable events of being a Christian in Texas happens every summer when we hit a sweltering heat wave. The temperature climbed above one-hundred degrees last week and, sure enough, there it was. A local church had put this cheery message on the sign out front.

Churchsign-think it's hot 
(Note: Not the real sign. This was re-created at You can have some fun at that site.)

Apparently God got out of the book business and moved into signboards.

I am sure that at least a few readers of these humble ramblings remember a song by Five Man Electrical Band. The song was called “Signs” and it told about some warnings that dared to tell us what to do.

Gee…I Wonder What God Is Trying To Tell Me?

A preacher was walking down a dirt road one day and came upon a man with a mule pulling a wagon load of two-by-fours.  The mule had stopped and refused to move.  The man was yelling and pulling on the mules’ reigns trying to get him to move.  The man was angry and was using foul language.  The preacher came up to the man and said, “If you want one of God’s creatures to do what you want him to do, you must treat him with love and kindness”. 

The man then told the preacher, “If you can do any better, than you are welcome to try”.

My Personal Reaction to Michael Vick

No one is (or has been) better at avoiding onrushing tacklers than NFL quarterback Michael Vick. But he is now facing a foe that even the uber-gifted Vick can’t evade. Yesterday’s announcement that Vick will admit his full guilt in a plea bargain agreement was a sad day for those who idolized the mercurial athlete.

Former NFL great Deion Sanders is a brother in Christ. Sanders understands the curse of celebrity and how it can ruin your life for a season or forever. Deion was one of the few to defend Vick prior to the announcement. I have to respectfully disagree with Sander’s attempt to help us understand Vick’s mindset.