Tripping Over Ministry

Several years ago I got serious about this whole following Jesus thing. And I began to ask the Lord for a ministry. I beseeched Him for something that would make a difference for eternity. I bemoaned my job in sports television as being “insignificant”. Finally the obvious hit me right between my stubborn eyes. My ministry was all around me. People I had built relationships with over the past twenty years had real needs and big questions. When I simply asked God to use me my prayer for ministry was answered virtually overnight. Right where I was. I didn’t get called to the mission field. My books didn’t become best-sellers so I could go on a powerhouse speaking tour. God called me to be faithful to the ones He had placed in my life. That pesky “be faithful with the little things” scripture came to mind.

Changing Patterns

This is an updated version of a gently read prior post.

This is a dangerous post. I must begin with a disclaimer that I have now lived in Texas for 27 years. I love Texas and the people of the Lone Star state. Please remember that disclaimer as I confess that I can sympathize with General  Philip Henry Sheridan’s comments about Texas after the Civil War. Sheridan remarked that “if I owned Hell and Texas I would rent out Texas and live in Hell”. Because he criticized Texas and was also a Yankee (the Texas version of a Samaritan) I am pretty sure that most Texans are sure he is now residing in Hell. But let us extend a moment of grace and consider that perhaps Sheridan offered his comments during the month of August. I suspect that in pre-air conditioning days I might have pondered the same thoughts.  August is almost always miserable in North Texas. August in Texas is our payback for mocking our Northern friends during February.

Don’t Miss This Phony Baloney Holiday

I opened up the electronic mailbox today and found out that I nearly missed a holiday. You too? Apparently today (August 16th) is True Love Forever Day as opposed to True Love Till I Lose Interest Day. This is a wonderful opportunity to tell that special someone that you love them and it is an even more wonderful opportunity for greeting card companies to sell products for a phony baloney holiday.

Roller-Coaster Faith Rocks!

I realized today how much the culture has passed me by. I was reading a story about a massive toy recall and I scanned the list of items. Pictured right there on the front page of my hometown newspaper was a picture of recalled Barbie and her dog, recalled Tanner. The caption read (and I could not make this up): The recall includes 683,000 sets that contain a magnetic pooper scooper.

So it has come to this? Our children are playing with magnetic pooper scoopers? This is an actual review from the link above.

Researchers Have Keen Sense of Obvious

Enjoy a gently read blog today. Blessings, Dave

I am changing careers. I have decided to start issuing official sounding studies about obvious things. I have a keen sense of the obvious. Why not profit from that? My career epiphany came as I read a study that found that college students are self-centered. Seriously?

I am planning to release my first groundbreaking study soon. My thesis is that people stuck in rush hour traffic are less friendly. I am pretty sure I am right.

I Would Like to Thank Everyone Who Helped Me Win This Designation….

There is a very smart website called The site links interesting tidbits, articles, blogs and other resources for pastors. The man behind the curtain is a pastor from Loveland, Colorado named Jeff Berg. His bio describes his humble beginnings.

Born naked, helpless and unable to fend for himself, Jeff Berg overcame his inauspicious start to become the Pastor of Family Ministries at LifeSpring Covenant Church in Loveland, Colorado. 

How can you not root for an underdog story like that? Occasionally Jeff will tarnish his Smart Pastor credentials by linking to my humble ramblings. The last time that Jeff linked to my site he described me in a way that brought tears to my eyes.