We Are So Oblivious.

A trip to the store around Halloween guarantees a couple of things. The Thanksgiving displays are already getting dusty and the Christmas items are being placed or are already on the shelves. We are only four weeks away from the ridiculous excess that we call Thanksgiving.  I will probably complain that I ate too much as if that is anyone’s fault other than my own. I will be genuinely thankful for having my family together. That will be extra special again this year because Joni’s cancer is a reminder that such gatherings are not guaranteed. I will thank God for the bounty of food that will be before us. But I don’t think I will really comprehend how blessed I am to live in this country.

What An Amazing Journey This Has Been

First of all, apologies to my tens of loyal readers who have been disappointed by the lack of current posts. I have been busy serving as the “pit crew” for my beloved’s weekend sixty mile walk for breast cancer. That is not a typo. About 2400 women and a few valiant men walked twenty miles each day in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3–Day. It was an emotional weekend for both Joni and me.

Look At My Big Brain!

Three summers ago Joni and I did not have to turn on the morning news shows for visual entertainment. Every morning as we got ready for the day we would hear a familiar THUMP! That was the sound of “the crazy bird” returning for his morning concussion. Our bathroom has a large half-moon shaped window near the ceiling. Every morning this bird would fly to the window sill, sit there for awhile, look at his Day-Planner, fly back a few feet and then hit the window full on. THUMP! He would do this over and over. Day after day.


Shake Off Everything That Hinders You

Regular and long-suffering readers of the humble ramblings know that I have an oddly wired brain. My thoughts do not flow along orderly paths like most of you. So it will come as no surprise that while taking some pictures of pampered pooch Hannah yesterday I thought of a scriptural truth. Hannah was swimming and I decided to try and capture her spectacular water “shake-offs” with my digital camera. The results were not too bad.


This photo brought a verse from Hebrews to mind.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles…

What Bad Words Would Jesus Say?

I was amused to open my browser to find this headline at Yahoo News.

Swearing at work boosts ‘team spirit, morale’

Wouldn’t it be interesting to be at that pep rally?

“Yea *&^%$#@ Team! Bleep, Bleep, Bleep!” Whooeeeee!!! (Jump in air…extend arms) Bleep!

The story outlined the blankety-blank study.

Regular swearing at work can help boost team spirit among staff, allowing them to express better their feelings as well as develop social relationships, according to a study by researchers. Yehuda Baruch, a professor of management at the University of East Anglia, and graduate Stuart Jenkins studied the use of profanity in the workplace and assessed its implications for managers.

Step Slowly Away From The Forward Button…

To all of my Christian brothers and sisters…

I love you all like, well, brothers and sisters. But it is time for us to have a family conference. Next time you are really concerned about my health, hard drive, or soul could I request that you just pray for me instead of forwarding dire e-mail warnings? I don’t want to appear ungrateful but I have to agree with this email I recently received.

iPod Devotional Series: Smiling Faces Sometimes

Today I am going to offer a gently read post from the past. Today it is not because I am lazy or really busy. I am repeating this post because I have been receiving a lot of emails about Christians behaving badly. While that is always disappointing such behavior should never come as a big surprise. Today’s repeat was actually the first iPod Devotional that I published. I hit the old shuffle button over a year ago and it became immediately apparent that God does indeed have a sense of humor.