iPod Devotional Series: As Easy As Our Blessings

I start with an apology to Robert who thinks I use too many country songs for the iPod Devotional Series. I will point out defensively that I have recently featured rock (The Animals and Beatles, inspirational (Casting Crowns) and opera (???). So perhaps I have earned another foray into country. The song is by an artist I have featured in an earlier post. Tracy Lawrence has a simple yet thought provoking song called “As Easy As Our Blessings.” Here is the opening stanza:

Joni is Walkin’ and Rollin’…

I have had some e-mails asking how Joni is doing. Thanks for caring and especially thanks for praying! She is doing really well. Joni looks fantastic and she is feeling better everyday. She is getting comfortable with New Hair – Version 2.0. We just got back from a little family trip to Florida this past weekend and this shot is from our balcony.


Is “Christian Intellect” an Oxymoron?

Warning: The following post may (or, sadly, may not) contain humor. This blog was produced in a program where irony and satire are processed. May contain sarcasm fragments. If you are allergic to humor or attempts at humor please avoid this product.

Richard Dawkins is an atheist who loves to denigrate Christian intellect. In fact, for Dawkins the very phrase “Christian intellect” would be oxymoronic. When asked what the main difference between believers and atheists was, Dawkins had a quick answer: “Well, we’re bright.”

iPod Devotional Series: We Are Not As Strong As We Think We Are

I miss Rich Mullins. It was just over ten years ago that Mullins was killed in a car accident in Illinois. His music is all over my iPod and one of his songs is the subject of today’s devotional. The song is called “We Are Not As Strong As We Think We Are” and it opens with this stanza.

Well, it took the hand of God Almighty
To part the waters of the sea
But it only took one little lie
To separate you and me
Oh, we are not as strong as we think we are.

iPod Devotional Series: The Long and Winding Road

Today the iPod shuffle landed on a melancholy song by The Beatles. To be honest, the song fit my mood of recent days. The iPod landed on The Long and Winding Road. The lyrics express a feeling of futility.

The long and winding road
That leads to your door
Will never disappear…

Paul McCartney talked about the song in a 1994 interview. “It’s rather a sad song. I like writing sad songs, it’s a good bag to get into because you can actually acknowledge some deeper feelings of your own and put them in it. It’s a good vehicle, it saves having to go to a psychiatrist … It’s a sad song because it’s all about the unattainable; the door you never quite reach. This is the road that you never get to the end of.”