The great Dallas sports columnist Blackie Sherrod used to have a weekly column that started with this phrase:

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to (fill in the name from someone from the past or a person who had faded out of view).

My version would be scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to my 2nd book, “Bring’em Back Alive”? Has anyone heard from it or seen it? Please tell it to call home from whatever bargain bin it is hanging out in.

Yesterday I wrote a column on my struggle with how to respond to ungraceful comments about my faith. I got a thoughtful and kind response from Linda.

Dissin’ Jesus

Every so often I take on a topic that reminds me of the Civil Defense film called Duck and Cover. They used to show us this “educational” film in elementary school. Having a serious as a heart attack announcer discussing nuclear attacks made for some really restful nights. More experienced readers recall that we were advised to “duck and cover” under our school desks in the event of a nuclear attack. Even as a 2nd grader I knew that was nonsense. In later school years I would develop better descriptive words. I don’t recall the other kids thinking this was stupid but perhaps I just have an exceptional gift to discern the obvious.

Grinning and “Bearing” It….

One reader of the humble ramblings was a bit confused by yesterday’s declaration of my affection for the Baylor Bears. They thought I was an Ohio State Buckeye fan.  I am. I am also a diehard Cleveland Browns and Texas Rangers fan. I have a nearly unlimited capacity for suffering.

I proudly proclaim that I am an Ohio State fan by birth. I was born forty-five miles due south of the Horseshoe. For pagans the Horseshoe is the magnificent Ohio Stadium nestled on the banks of the Olentangy River in Columbus, Ohio. I have been an Ohio State fan since I can remember. If I became a Buckeye by birth then I guess I became a Baylor Bear by checkbook. Eldest son Matt became the first Bear. He was followed by brothers Scott and Brett.

Random Musings

It is usually not a good thing when you read about some Baptists having a long session marked by aggressive behavior. But last night it was a very good thing. The Baylor men’s basketball team worked 5 overtime periods to beat the Aggies of Texas A&M and gave the long suffering Bears an incredible win. My Bears are now ranked in the Top 25 for the first time in forty years. Sic’em Bears!

I like to review past columns now and then. This one caught my eye as I scrolled through the humble musings archives. The article tweaked my interest because I had just experienced a very bumpy flight through gray clouds last weekend. Here is that earlier post with some updates.

Still More Confessions of a Bad Christian

When last I left you I wrote something that some of you somehow interpreted to mean that an article would appear the next day. Here is what I actually wrote:

The article on Dan Fogelberg seemed to connect with a lot of men and we will review those thoughts tomorrow.

I guess I can see how you might read into that statement that I would post something the next day. I think using the word tomorrow might have been the problem. So now I must face the issue that all Christian people face at such a moment. How can I save face?

Blessings From My Tens of Readers

The humble ramblings have been silenced by the untimely passing of my computer’s hard drive. It seemed like it had so many gigs left to live for and so much data still to explore. It did manage to live long enough to watch it’s warranty expire just days before. But now I have a shiny new hard drive and I have managed to reload and recover most of my data. In my writing absence I was blessed by many of your comments.

Faithful reader Kathleen wrote this very kind assessment.

Ya’ Know…It’s Always Somethin’

Gilda Radner developed a very funny character named Rosanne Roseannadanna. She would go off on ridiculous tangents (not unlike this space on occasion) and then defend herself to colleague Jane Curtain.

“Well Jane, it just goes to show you, it’s always something!”

Yesterday was one of those “it’s always something” days. The day started with the unexpected and untimely demise of my computer’s hard drive. I spent my morning trying to revive it. That was a lovely start to the day.