Blessings From My Tens of Readers

The humble ramblings have been silenced by the untimely passing of my computer’s hard drive. It seemed like it had so many gigs left to live for and so much data still to explore. It did manage to live long enough to watch it’s warranty expire just days before. But now I have a shiny new hard drive and I have managed to reload and recover most of my data. In my writing absence I was blessed by many of your comments.

Faithful reader Kathleen wrote this very kind assessment.

I chuckled today when both the Barna organization and Chuck Colson announced amazing new findings about how we Christians are viewed by the unbelieving masses, citing the books “unChristian” and “The Faith” as revolutionary expose. I haven’t the heart to tell them they could have saved themselves a lot of pondering and research simply by reading “When Bad Christians Happen to Good People.”

That seems to be my lot in this publishing world. I am, apparently, a prophet who doesn’t make a profit. My dear friend John (Thirty days till pitchers and catchers report) Frost sent me a note about the hot new book UnChristian.

I’m sure you’re familiar with “Unchristian” by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons.  It is an amazing book researching the attitudes and perceptions of Christians.  There are so many concepts that are similar to your first two bestsellers.

That is sarcasm at it’s best. My second book is apparently in the witness protection program. Somehow kind reader Ernie found a copy somewhere.

I’m reading your books simultaneously, what a great read! Much needed. Every Church should have them in their library.  

Thanks Ernie. Not sure reading the books simultaneously is a good idea but you know your own limits. Kenneth sent this note about When Bad Christians Happen to Good People.

Could not put it down once I started reading it, and it has been a great inspiration to me in my walk with Christ. There is an abundance of truth in your words and perceptions. I pray that God will open the eyes of more “Bad Christians” like me so we can get this Revolution started.

While I suspect we are a few sales short of a revolution I am blessed by your comments. I am always amazed, honored and touched when God somehow uses my books or blogs to impact others during their journey. The article on Dan Fogelberg seemed to connect with a lot of men and we will review those thoughts tomorrow.

You bless me with your comments. Thanks.