I’ll Think Of A Reason Later

I continue to have my comfortable “bad” Christian apple cart overturned by a group of troublemakers from Phoenix. I have mentioned several times that my faith world is being rocked by the book TrueFaced and the TrueFaced Romans Bible study. A recent romp through the high definition television channels triggered today’s grace episode. I stumbled on a concert by an artist named Lee Ann Womack. She was beginning a new tune so I lingered. The song made me laugh and then made me think.

Choosing Joy

Everyone at Casa Burchett has been ill recently. Joni brought home the first cold bug. Then dog friend Hannah had a little stomach virus and that was not pretty. I will spare you the details. Now it is my turn to be sick.

I thought of how really crappy I have felt this week. And then I realized how much I take for granted the fifty weeks or so out of every year when I feel good or even great. Sure I have the usual little aches and pains that a 50 year old plus body will accumulate. But for five decades I have been blessed with the ability to run slowly, jump barely, dance awkwardly and laugh often. I am so blessed.

There Is No Need To Wait For Hope And Change

 Because the presidential nominees are still in doubt we Texans get a rare “treat” this primary season. We get political commercials from now until March 4th.  Whoopee.

And we get political rallies as a part of our new status as a key state in the delegate process. This week a packed arena in Dallas hosted Barak Obama. The atmosphere was more like a revival than a rally. A lot of people are into the Obama “Hope and Change” tour. I always hesitate when I write about politics because nothing brings out the thin-skinned loonies quicker than a perceived slight of their man or woman. So please understand that this post is not about critiquing a candidate. These thoughts are about our culture in America and, in particular, the Christian demographic.

Just Words?

Being a celebrity in this culture is brutal. Great coaches will often say they will break down an athlete to build them back up. The idea is to make them better. Our culture has a little twist on how we treat the famous. We build them up in order to break them and tear them down. The idea is to make us feel better.

Celebrity is hard on families and the children of the famous. I have often told my kids that I love them so much that I took the burden of mediocrity on my career just for them. They didn’t believe it either.

Don’t Worry About Grace Drying Up

The morning stroll with dog friend Hannah was delightful. The sun was shining and the air was brisk. Hannah found hundreds of p-mail messages to sniff in her version of the world wide web. On the iPod I dialed up the series I am currently devouring on the book of Romans. The series is called the TrueFaced Grace Series and it is by the same knuckleheads that have been rocking my world with the book TrueFaced. I wrote about the book in a recent post called the Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town Theology. Today’s passage was from Romans 5. I am placing my marginal reputation on the recommendation that you check out this book and/or CD series.

Swimsuit Issue Illustrates Pretty Much Everything But Sports

This week marked a couple of rites of spring. The reporting of pitchers and catchers to spring training and the arrival of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. For me one is a “right” of spring and the other is becoming a “wrong”. I was on the road when the swimsuit issue arrived at my home. The lovely Mrs.Burchett led me into a marital minefield with this simple statement.

“Your swimsuit issue arrived today.” She waited.

Work brain, work! Must step carefully. Following the lead of Nehemiah I “prayed to the God of heaven, and I answered”. 

My response was simple.