New Name…Same Great Dysfunction

Today is an important announcement for my tens of readers as we unveil a new name for the humble ramblings. There is no need to be concerned. My ministry of making judgemental Christians feel superior will continue intact. The reason for the new name was a gentle challenge from dear friend Angie. She has joined her hubby in going through the TrueFaced DVD with the charming Mrs. Burchett and me. My walk with Jesus has been transformed by this book and study. I have learned to really trust and believe who I am in Christ. One key lesson from the study is simple yet profound. When I put my trust and faith in Jesus that transaction changed who I am. I am no longer a sinner trying to be a saint. I am a saint who occasionally sins. That truth prompted Angie to ask this question.

“If that is your identity can you  really call yourself a bad Christian?”

Hmmmm. After some debate I have decided she has a solid point. The only dissenting vote came from my old nature. So here is the official press release announcing the new name.

Garland, Texas – Dave Burchett announced today the non-hostile takeover of his sin nature by Jesus of Nazareth. “This is part of a long and difficult process,” Burchett announced.

Burchett realized way back in 1969 that he had a sin debt that could never be paid and declared holiness bankruptcy. Jesus, representing the acquisition team of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, paid that debt and signed the deal with His work on the Cross. However, that began a protracted and often contentious period of protest and picketing against ceding control.

The Holy Spirit has operated out of a small office since 1969 but the new arrangement grants the Spirit unlimited access. Work has begun on cleaning out moldy baggage that has been inexplicably retained since the initial agreement. A secret storage room alleged to contain old sin was found to be empty. According to reliable sources that old sin has been gone since the first transaction but Burchett always believed it was still there.

“While I will still be DBA (doing business as) Dave Burchett I am clearly not who I was prior to this faith and trust deal with Jesus.” Burchett noted. “I am now a saint in the eyes of God, fully righteous because of Christ.”

Sources still expect an ongoing learning experience with occasional setbacks. When asked to describe in one word what happened to bring about this change Burchett offered this summation.