My Calling is Clear…

The verdict is in and I am a “bad Christian”. That is not who I am theologically or in God’s eyes but that is who I should remain for my tens of readers. The majority of you who responded prefer the old moniker. So the new name turned out to be every bit as popular as the New Coke. At least I took the risk. The demented minds at have this to say about risk. “If you never try anything new, you’ll miss out on many of life’s great disappointments.”


Southern Baptists Go Green

In a major shift, a group of Southern Baptist leaders said their denomination has been “too timid” on environmental issues and has a biblical duty to stop global warming. The Washington Times reported the announcement. The declaration, signed by the president of the Southern Baptist Convention among others and released today, shows a growing urgency about climate change even within groups that once dismissed claims of an overheating planet as a liberal ruse. The conservative denomination has 16.3 million members and is the largest Protestant group in the United States.

New Name…Same Great Dysfunction

Today is an important announcement for my tens of readers as we unveil a new name for the humble ramblings. There is no need to be concerned. My ministry of making judgemental Christians feel superior will continue intact. The reason for the new name was a gentle challenge from dear friend Angie. She has joined her hubby in going through the TrueFaced DVD with the charming Mrs. Burchett and me. My walk with Jesus has been transformed by this book and study. I have learned to really trust and believe who I am in Christ. One key lesson from the study is simple yet profound. When I put my trust and faith in Jesus that transaction changed who I am. I am no longer a sinner trying to be a saint. I am a saint who occasionally sins. That truth prompted Angie to ask this question.

Today I Voted For Hope And Change

(This is an update of an earlier post)

Today I voted in the Texas primary. At least for awhile we Texans should get a break from political ads. You would think with so many candidates possessing integrity that we should be in good shape for the future.

Most of the candidates promised change. It has been well documented that Barak Obama has been riding the hope train right into the lead in the Democrat race. His rallies look like the Beatles performing at Shea Stadium.