I’ve Been Healed From Chronic Fonzie Syndrome

There are a lot of fun things about being a published author. For example, you are forever a published author even if you end up in a lonely bargain bin at some godforsaken outlet mall while some smiling preacher sells millons and millions of books for saying practically nothing but I’m not bitter. Whew. Didn’t see that coming.

One of the really bad things about being published is that your words are forever “out there”. When you write a book your words cannot be denied. That is unless you are Charles Barkley and you claim you were misquoted in your autobiography. But Charles…your autobiography is your own…sigh…never mind.

Don’t Forget The Name Of This Holiday

When I was a child the Memorial Day holiday had an alternate name. Many of my relatives still called it “Decoration Day” because part of the day was devoted to putting flowers or wreaths on the graves of those who had died while in military service to our country. I know it is still an important day for many and countless families still pause to honor fallen family and friends. But for many of us it is too easy to make this a day only for barbecues, department store sales and family get togethers. I have not been directly touched by the loss of a family member or friend in war. My father served in World War II and I remember how moved I was by the twenty-one gun salute his fellow comrades gave him at his graveside service. I don’t want to be grumpy old man and rain on your fun Memorial Day plans. I am planning on having sixty-seven percent of my sons over for a cookout. But I am asking you to take a few minutes and reflect, pray and thank God for the men and women who are serving us this day around the world. And for the families of those who are desperately missing a beloved soldier on this day.

With Apologies to Barack Obama…Hope And Change Are Available Right Now

(Today’s post is an update of an earlier article)

It has been well documented that Barak Obama has been riding the hope train right into the Democrat nomination (if he can shake that pesky Hillary). His rally in Oregon recently looked like the Beatles performing at Shea Stadium.

I was thinking that God must have a real sense of déjà vu as He watches the people of a nation that once publically honored Him clamor for a human leader to give them hope and change. Then I got sidetracked as I wondered if an omnipotent God can even experience déjà vu? That gave me tired head so I moved on.

Nothing Else

I love using music to spark my spiritual meditations. Regular readers of the humble ramblings know that I have a rather eclectic blend of music on the trusty iPod. Today a song from Matthew West called “Nothing Else” was one of those tunes.  You might better know Matthew West from a song called “Next Thing You Know”. His CD called History is one of my favorites and today’s song is an honest reflection on the journey to find happiness. Here are some of the lyrics to Nothing Else.

Just Another Walk In The Park?

We are blessed to have a little neighborhood park about a half-mile from Casa Burchett so dog friend Hannah and I headed there this morning.

Hannah Sic'em

I have walked this park dozens and dozens of times over the years. But today something funny happened. There is an old joke for my sports inclined readers.

I went to a fight today and a hockey game broke out. Today’s Bad Christian paraphrase is I went on a walk today and worship broke out.

It started routinely enough. Hannah was busy checking new messages left along the path by other canine buddies. Apparently she had a lot of mail to catch up on.

Searching For An Authentic Christian

Winnie the Pooh character Tigger often departed by saying “TTFN” (Ta-Ta For Now). Today is a NTTW (No Time To Write) day for me. So I have gone back to the dusty electronic archives and pulled up a well received article full of grace and truth. Okay, to be honest it was published earlier and it is full of something. I hope to swing by the insight market and whip a fresh blog for next week.

Blessings, Dave

A Bad Christian Minifesto

Much has been made recently about the Evangelical Manifesto. First of all, I really dislike the word manifesto. Perhaps because I immediately think of the Communist Manifesto when I hear the word. The Evangelical Manifesto seeks to clarify the definition and beliefs of evangelicals. There is much in the document that I welcome and endorse. I don’t agree with everything in the document. But I am pretty sure that no one agrees with everything I say. Including me.