A Kindred Spirit

I have have been blessed to hear that occasionally the humble ramblings help one of my readers as they journey with Jesus. My mission for this blog is clear.

Helping tens of readers feel superior in their Christian walk for over forty months.

It is a burden that I am willing to carry. But I recognize that you are always looking for authentic Christian writers who get it. May I suggest that you check out a weekly offering from my friend Ed Underwood. I wrote an earlier article about Ed, his journey through the trial of cancer and his ministry to Joni as she faced cancer.  His weekly musings are called the Tipping Point. Here is an excerpt from Ed’s most recent offering.

Why is it that we’re so careful when we read the Bible’s instruction on marriage, family, morality, culture, creation, and church but so sloppy when we interpret Jesus’ lessons on money. We explain away His hard sayings with complicated interpretations and excuse our disobedience with absurd reasoning. But I think Jesus would have some tough questions for us if we were offering these explanations and excuses to Him.

Ed is the real deal. I know him and I trust him to write with authenticity and grace. You can receive his thoughts in your cybermailbox by clicking here and subscribing. If you are not completely satisfied I will refund your money. It is an offer I am always willing to make for things that are free. The other benefit is that Ed is not nearly as verbose as me. Great content in less time. Check him out. And tell him a “Bad Christian” sent you.