The Secret Santa Knew The Real Secret Of Joy

Truth can be so annoying. If annoying truth was a Jeopardy category it might look like this…

“I’ll take Annoying Truths for $100, Alex.”
This famous preacher said,  “Give me five minutes with a person’s checkbook, and I will tell you where their heart is.”
“Who is Billy Graham? I’ll take Annoying Truths for $200, Alex.”
This missionary to India said, “You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.”
“Who was Amy Carmichael, Alex. I am getting very uncomfortable with this topic so let’s take “Sins that make you worse than me for $100.”

Hold Me Jesus

There were a couple of odd twists in the daily walk with dog friend Hannah. The first odd occurrence was the absence of squirrels in the park. That is the second straight day that Hannah has not enjoyed a good rodent chase. Perhaps the ESWS (Early Squirrel Warning System) is now operational. The other odd occurrence was that the same song came up twice on the random shuffle feature of my iPod. The song does occur twice on my iPod but there are 917 songs and the shuffle selected both occurrences of that song in one thirty minute period. Does God’s sovereignty extend to the shuffle feature on MP3 devices?

Times Like These Are The Best Time For Thanksgiving

For many Americans there will be less to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Many will be without jobs. Most of us have lost a substantial amount of our investment, pension and retirement savings. After checking today’s retirement account info I can comfortably retire when I am 112 years old. If I live to be 120 I might be in trouble.

Since many feel our country is in trouble I decided to see how our leaders addressed Thanksgiving in other difficult and trying times. There has been much debate about the religious inclinations of our founding fathers. But the first official Thanksgiving Proclamation came from the Continental Congress way back in 1777.

The Joy Of Being Off The Leash

Dog friend Hannah loves the morning walk.


When she sees me grab the walking shoes she begins to vibrate with excitement. If T.Boone Pickens wants to find an untapped energy source we should harness Labrador tails. Got to think Hannah could power a small apartment building when she gets excited and that tail starts going. I love the morning walk as well. It is a time to meditate, pray, listen to messages and good music and enjoy God’s company.

Be Good Just For Goodness’ Sake By Golly…

In our last humble rambling we looked at a hard hitting bus advertising campaign in the United Kingdom that boldly proclaimed there “probably” is no God. The humanists in the good ole US of A are ratcheting up the faith advertising campaigns with a new series of ads in Washington D.C. This story ran on (just lost some readers right there) recently.

Ads proclaiming, “Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness’ sake,” will appear on Washington, D.C., buses starting next week and running through December.

DC Billboard

Faith Thrown Under The Bus?

A recent advertising campaign in the United Kingdom caught my attention. A comedy writer in London noticed that the local buses often carried messages for faith in God.

Ariane Sherine came up with the idea after seeing a series of Christian posters on London buses. She said she visited the Web site promoted on one ad and found it told nonbelievers they would spend eternity in torment in hell.

I wrote about that very topic in my most recent post. I was first exposed to a faith that created fear of damnation instead of grace and relationship. Ms.Sherine continues: