An Illustration I Could Have Done Without

Yesterday I was driving home lost in thought. I have been teaching about grace and I was thinking about the tension between grace and law. Flashing red lights behind me gave me a good and unwanted illustration. I had to smile at the incongruity of thinking about grace and getting caught by the law.

I had been a traffic sinner. The law said I was guilty of going over the posted speed limit. I confessed my sin. I tried for grace from the officer. “I have gone twenty-five years without a ticket,” I said affably. “Sorry,” he answered as he handed me the ticket. He was not in the mood for grace and, to be honest, I didn’t deserve it. So there was an expensive illustration of the law without grace.


Sometimes I wonder how we will be grouped in heaven. Will there be an eHarmony kind of questionnaire to assign us to the right small group?

St.Peter:    Okay…tell me a little bit about your favorite sports teams.
Me:           I rooted for the Cleveland Browns, Baylor football and the Texas Rangers.
St.Peter:    Whoa. Hey Job! We have one for your group!

Packing Joy Away For Another Year?

Today I accomplished one of my least favorite tasks of the year. Taking down the Christmas decorations always makes me a bit melancholy. One of our Christmas staples is a yard display that spells out “Joy”. The sign is simple yet the nativity scene incorporated into the letters clearly communicates our feelings about what this holiday represents. As I took down the display I thought about the reason I love this decoration so much.