When A Man Loves A Woman

(Welcome to the experiment known as the iPod devotional series. I am posting these gently read golden oldies while working on a book rewrite). So far in the series we have had songs from the Undisputed Truth, Chris Rice, The Youngbloods, Alison Krause and Union Station and Willie Nelson. I would call that blend eclectic. You probably call it weird. Today’s edition of “As the iPod Turns” lands us on a song by Percy Sledge. I loved Motown music as a teen and I still do. My secret desire was to perform as the bass singer with the Temptations. Remember the song “Papa was a Rolling Stone”?  I wanted to be the guy that said “and that ain’t right” in that deep, deep bass voice. But my lack of talent, dancing ability and the general composition of the group precluded that dream from becoming reality.

Ain’t It Funny How Time Slips Away?

Today’s spin of the shuffle wheel pulled up a little tune from Willie Nelson. The song is titled “Funny How Time Slips Away” and it is one of his signature songs. I realize that Willie is, for some, an acquired taste. I do not endorse Willie’s recreational choices but I do like his ability to make lyrics real. In this song he laments the loss of a love.

Well hello there my it’s been a long long time
How am I doin’ oh I guess that I’m doin’ fine
It’s been so long now but it seems now it was only yesterday
Gee ain’t it funny how time slips away

Crazy As Me?

Today’s song in the iPod Devotional series continues our God has a sense of humor theme. This is the drill. I hit the shuffle mode on the iPod and then write about the song that comes up. The iPod landed on Alison Krause and Union Station. Alison Krause has a voice like an angel. She is an artist that I can listen to no matter what my mood might be. But the sense of humor part comes in when the shuffle feature selected the song Crazy as Me.

The lyrics are talking about a series of failed relationships. The lyric that Alison Krause sings that relates to me are these words.

Get Together…

The song “Get Together” was written in 1963 by a songwriter who went by the stage name of Dino Valente. “Get Together” was recorded by The Kingston Trio and also by We Five (of “You Were on My Mind” fame) in the mid-60’s. The Youngbloods recorded the song in 1967 and it became a minor hit. The song had a major breakthrough after the National Council of Christians and Jews used the song for radio commercials to promote unity. In 1969 the song became a top five hit and one of the quintessential peace songs of the era.

And Then She Opened Her Mouth To Sing…

Need a lift today? Here is a story that is worth your time. Susan Boyle is a 47 year old church volunteer from West Lothian, Scotland. She decided to be a contestant on the TV show Britain’s Got Talent. When Boyle walked out on the stage nearly everyone assumed she was one of the delusional dreamers that provide comic relief and even cruel sport for Simon Cowell and the other judges. Susan is a frumpy spinster who admits she “has never been kissed”. She lives alone with her pet cat Pebbles. You would not give her a second glance if you saw her in public.

The Legacy Of A Great Man

April 15th is not my favorite day of the year. Traditional tax day is never fun for a guy who is organizationally challenged. My idea of being prepared is having everything in one box. But I was heartened to find that April 15th is a great day for baseball fans. 

Jackie Robinson made his major league debut at first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers on that date in 1947. It was a historic and significant day for baseball but maybe more so for our country. You can argue that the American civil rights movement was ignited when Robinson came to bat in Dodger Blue. The journey for Robinson was difficult at best and nearly impossible at worst. 


The iPod Devotional series continues with a tune called Clumsy. It is written and performed by one of my favorites, Chris Rice You can find the song on the CD Deep Enough to Dream. How interesting that the third song in the shuffle series is my anthem for my Christian journey. ESPN’s Chris Berman signature line for a football blooper is “rumbling, stumbling, fumbling”. That would have been how I described my Christian walk until I found this song. Here are the lyrics from Chris Rice that I could have written if I had any musical talent or ability to write lyrics. Those are the only two obstacles that kept me from writing this song.