Facing Cancer

On too many occasions recently I have been visiting with someone who has cancer or who has a friend or family member with the disease. I sometimes refer them to the website to read some of our experiences during Joni’s breast cancer journey. I decided to make it easy for anyone who wants to share what God has taught us with others that are currently going through this trial. Here are some of the “cancer chronicles” that Joni and I have written over the past year.

A word of encouragement to those beginning the journey. Cancer is scary. The treatments seem overwhelming. But here is what Joni and I have learned. God gives you the grace and strength to take this journey one step and one day at a time. You will look back at the end and wonder, “how did I do that?” Be encouraged that you can. Stay steadfast in your faith. Keep your sense of humor as much as possible. Determine that the cancer has picked a formidable foe and don’t give in.

You can do it. We did.

Here are some links followed by a brief capsule of the contents.

Sentences that change your life … Reflections on the shock of hearing Joni’s diagnosis and the plan that we implemented to not “waste her cancer”.

How to be a good cancer buddy … What to say and what not to say when your friend has cancer.

I will praise you in this storm … The theme song we adopted for the journey.

I am a rock? … Joni’s touching gift to me on my birthday.

Wouldn’t take nothing for the journey now … Written the day before we began the frightening chemotherapy regimen.

Poison for healing? … The mindboggling concept of using poison for good.

The Ultimate Oxymoron? … Cancer humor may seem like the ultimate oxymoron but we found it was vital to healing.

Bald is Beautiful – Part 1 … A tribute to my beautiful bride when she lost temporary custody of her hair.

Bald is Beautiful – Part 2 … A tribute to the amazing women who make up the breast cancer sisterhood.

Round 3  … Rocky had nothing on my bride in toughness.

Unmasked … The realization that we did not have to be superhuman in this journey.

The meaning of Kemosabe … Reflections on the privilege of being Joni’s “chemo-sabe” during her treatments.

In our last episode … When we had a little adventure that was not in the brochure I decided to use some old movie stills to tell the story.

Kleenex Warning … It is okay to be scared. But you don’t have to stay there.

One Finish Line in Sight … Part of the plan is setting up markers along the journey. Rejoice when you hit each goal.

We’ll remember always…Diagnosis Day … Some days you will always remember. D-Day is one of those.

Reflections from the Slow Drip Spa … The amazing spirit that permeates the cancer treatment center humbles me.

I have eyebrows! … Joni’s realization that sometimes incredible blessings come in the oddest ways.

Pop the top! … A PG rated note from Joni about ditching the wig and going with her sassy short hair look.

Book plug (not mine): Joni found tremendous comfort and insight in a book that we now give to cancer patients. The book is called Praying Through Cancer…Set Your Heart Free From Fear. It is excellent.

Joni and I pray that you will trust Him completely in the journey. We would love to hear from you if you (or a loved one) are on the cancer journey now.

Blessings and peace in the trial.