When Good Reviews Happen to Bad Christians

The Skeptical Believer blog written by Jeremy Seely wrote a very nice review about my book When Bad Christians Happen to Good People. Oddly enough Jeremy let me know that he was reviewing the book while I was doing a rewrite of that very book. It will be republished in the next several months with a lot of new content and even more bad Christians! Seriously, the new edition will reflect a lot of my journey since that book came out nearly ten years ago. If you choose to buy the current edition just know that everything you don’t like will be revised or removed in the new, inspired version. Right.

Here is just a sampler of Jeremy’s review.

When Bad Christians Happen To Good People will shine a laser beam into your own heart to show you where you personally can do better, and will motivate you to actually do it. And in so doing, you’ll feel yourself drawing closer to Jesus. This book is an unqualified must-read…I wish I had written it.

How about that? Would I have linked this review if it were negative? I’d like to think that I am intellectually secure and honest enough to do that. I would like to think that but the truth is that I am not. I appreciate Jeremy’s kind words and encouragement. And I have enjoyed nosing around his site, The Skeptical Believer. Check it out.