Facing Cancer

You have probably noticed that this has been Breast Cancer Awareness month. It was either that or pink is now the official uniform accent of the National Football League. I am one of many who is grateful for the commitment to find a cure for breast cancer. My wife is approaching the five year mark as a survivor. That would have been hard to imagine when we began that difficult journey.

I decided to make it easy for anyone who wants to share what God has taught us with others that are currently going through this trial. Here are some of the “cancer chronicles” that Joni and I penned during that time.

Another Homecoming Weekend

I have established a couple of traditions in the short history of the humble ramblings. One of them is revisiting this post (with a couple of updates) every homecoming weekend at Baylor University. It is that time again.

It is Homecoming this weekend at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Thousands of alumni will make their way to Central Texas for the event. It seems odd to me that I am looking forward so much to this homecoming. The celebration is at a college that I did not attend. I’m not even Baptist, dadgummit (that is Baptist cursing). But my heart has become a part of the Baylor tradition. Why? I am the very proud father of three Baylor grads. I have invested time and more treasure (especially treasure) than I care to think about in Baylor University.

Let’s Pop Some Ginger Ale!

I cut my spiritual teeth in legalism but I knew there had to be a better way. I regularly demonstrated Paul’s Roman treatise that the law inflames the sin nature. My brazen combo of playing high school basketball on Wednesday prayer meeting nights and reading (gasp) the Living Bible nearly resulted in excommunication. I remember one seasoned saint self-righteously telling me that he only read God’s original Word. I asked him if he read the Hebrew or Greek texts. He looked at me like a Golden Retriever hearing a high pitched sound.

Satan’s Prevent Defense Works All Too Well

A recent breakfast with my friend Bruce McNicol continues to mess with my mind. Bruce asked me a couple of thought provoking questions and they continue to bounce around my cranium. Yeah, I know there is lots of room. I was sitting there innocently enjoying my oatmeal and catching up on mutual friends when he dropped one of the questions on me.

“If grace based theology as the way to live out the Christian life is true then why is it not more popular in the church?”