A Buckeye Believer Ponders Jim Tressel

I was in Ohio when the news broke about Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel. For a day or two the economy and world unrest took a back seat in the Buckeye state. Conversations centered on reactions to Tressel’s very late admission to having knowledge of two player’s potential rule violations. The reaction in the Buckeye state was primarily surprise. Jim Tressel is a revered figure in Ohio and not just because his teams have beaten Michigan. Buckeye Nations’s surprise seemed to be followed mainly by disappointment. Comments like these were overheard often.

“I had hoped he was different.”
“He is just like all the rest.”

Perfect People

One of my passions is trying to create excitement about the need for Christian community. Time after time after time I discover that people who seem like they are flying through life are really not. When people feel safe in a community of believers they reveal hurts and fears and doubts. All of this was prompted by a song by Natalie Grant on the morning stroll with dog friend Hannah. Her song “Perfect People” played on the iPod and I related to the words.

Not Alone

(The weekly iPod Devotional from theFish.com)

Part of the fun of writing these weekly thoughts is to try and find artists that are new to me. This was a great week of personal discovery when I downloaded a recent album from the band Red. The new CD is titled Until We Have Faces but the song that inspired today’s iPod Devotional is called “Not Alone”.

The lyric begins with a haunting psalm-like lament.

Slowly fading away
You’re lost and so afraid
Where is the hope In a world so cold?