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Who Really Wrote the Book of Love?

(From If you have sampled a handful of these iPod Devotionals you already know that my musical taste is eclectic. That is a kind word for weird. I have rock, oldies, indie, country, Christian, folk, pop and some unclassified on the device. Recently a forgotten oldie caused the neurons to fire oddly in my noggin. The song “The Book of Love” was written and recorded by The Monotones in 1958. Here are some of the lyrics. Oh, I wonder, wonder who, mmbadoo-ooh, who Who wrote the Book Of Love Chapter One says to love her You love her with all your heart Chapter Two you tell her you’re Never, never, never, never, never gonna part In Chapter Three remember the meaning of romance In Chapter Four you break up But you give her just one more chance So there you have it. Before you get to Chapter Five you have already parted ways according to this version of the
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