the shack

A Gentle Response to the Shack Attack

The movie The Shack has reunited a wave of debate, hand-wringing, defensiveness and condemnation in some circles. The book and the subsequent movie has been called dangerous, subversive and heretical by many critics. I didn’t know any of this when a friend told me that he really enjoyed the book and I should read it many years ago. Since I have a book addiction I soon was in possession. I finished The Shack and I thought it was a good read. I was challenged and touched by parts of the story.  And, to be honest, I was a bit unsettled by some of it. After finishing the book I did some research to find out what others were saying about the book. Some of the critiques were thoughtful. These writers pointed out where the book deviated from scripture. Some of the orthodox theological missteps were outlined in clear detail. I will stay away from the theological debate because that has been discussed by so many.
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Waking Up Slowly_Cover


Thanks for being patient (at least to my face) with all of the promotions and posts related to the release of my new book Waking Up Slowly. It is tough to get the word out when you are not a big-time author. Today the book is officially released to bookstores and the online sites. Here is how you can help…. If you are considering buying a copy of the book at some point it would be much appreciated if you could order it today. It is important to make a splash on release day at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Here are the links to the book. Amazon Barnes and Noble Post something on your social media sites or email your friends about the book. You can point them to where they can see the video or read a chapter for free. I am doubling my contribution to Patriot Paws from my portion of the proceeds for every sale
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Order Waking Up Slowly Now – Get Free Stuff!

Tyndale Publishing is offering some fun and FREE giveaways to anyone who pre-orders Waking Up Slowly before March 1st. Exclusive gifts include: ·         Extended 3-chapter sampler that you can start reading NOW!  ·         5-Day Waking Up Slowly devotional to kick-start your journey to finding gratitude in everyday experiences. ·         Phone “wallpapers” as a fun reminder that our biggest blessings can sometimes come in small packages. ·         Discussion Questions to get you thinking and/or to share at your next book group.   Just email your receipt to to get your FREE goodies! If you have already pre-ordered your copy you get free goodies too. Just send in the screenshot or picture of your order receipt and they will be headed your way!
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The Countdown is On!

It is now less than a month to the release of my new book Waking Up Slowly. Today I would love for you to visit the brand new website for the book. While you are nosing around you can download the Introduction and First Chapter for free! You can read some endorsements and learn about my partnership with Patriot Paws. I would love your feedback on the new site. I am looking forward to sharing the new book with you in 29 days. But who’s counting? Click here to visit now!
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Digital illustration of a groundhog looking at his shadow

When Your Faith Journey Feels Like Groundhog Day

(As a part of my new “green” blog initiative I am recycling these Groundhog day musings) They woke up Punxsutawney Phil Tuesday morning long enough for the prognosticating rodent to let us know whether six more weeks of winter must be endured. According to Phil you should plan on bundling up for next month and a half. Phil looks about as happy as I do when when I am disturbed in the morning. Twenty-four years ago a funny and underappreciated movie came on the scene. Groundhog Day told the story of a self-absorbed news reporter (redundancy alert?) that finds himself stuck in an endless repeat of the same day. Bill Murray is perfect in the role of reporter Phil Connors. Since I live in the odd world of broadcast television I can relate to the cynical personality of Murray’s character. Reporter Phil is less than thrilled that he has been assigned to cover Punxsutawney Phil’s annual peek outside to predict winter’s duration.
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