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You Want What?

One of the really weird things for me is when people want me to sign my book. I feel like the only time my signature is valuable is on a check written from the good account. I do love signing books at a bookstore because they can’t return them to the publisher. That fits into my narrative that my signature actually makes it worth less! Nonetheless, I am honored when people find some value in a personal word or signature. I have gotten many inquiries via Facebook and Twitter about getting signed copies. The logistics and expense of that is a bit daunting. However, I am offering a low cost alternative if you would like a personal note in your book or a book for a friend. Tyndale House Publishing provides autograph plates that adhere to an inside page of the book. Send me a self-addressed and stamped envelope (#6 envelope works great) inside of a regular business envelope. Clearly
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Reader Mail: Why Are You Being So Obnoxious About Your Book?

Dear Bad Christian, Why are you bombarding us with reminders everyday about the release of your new book. I get it. Love in Jesus, Speaking the Truth In Love Believer Dear Speaking the Truth In Love, Look at your salutation. What else would you expect from a Bad Christian? But the truth is that over 300,000 new books and editions will be printed in the United States this year. Even if you narrow the field to those published by the leading Christian publishing houses the number is around 6,000 titles. It is easy to get lost in the flurry of books that hit the shelves every week. An author like Max Lucado will automatically get prime shelf space when he publishes a book every other day. Oops…Max just published another book while I was writing this blog. When a book like Stay comes out from a relatively unknown guy like me you have about 60 days to make a mark
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Worrying About Worry

“Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.” That old proverb came to mind as I read a study about the link between increased worry and stroke risk. After adjusting for other behaviors they discovered that those participants with the highest level of anxiety factors had a thirty-three percent higher risk of strokes than those in the lowest range of anxiety. The study was sobering on a personal level. My Dad was a chronic worrier. He died from complications of a stroke. Worry is a thief that steals joy and peace from it’s victims. I saw it with my Dad. I see it all around me. As I get older I see more and more how practical Scripture is for daily living. In the teaching of my youth the Bible was a book of lofty and seemingly impossible demands to behave in a way that would please God. Now I
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Rainy Days and Mondays Don’t Have To Get You Down

The Carpenters sung about how Rainy Days and Mondays always got them down. Today both are in play on a rainy day in Texas. We often joke about how much we hate Mondays. But one of the things I learned in writing Stay is that everyday is Saturday for our canine friends. They find joy in each day no matter how they feel or what the circumstances might be. One story that did not make the book involved our newest rescue friend Maggie. One day Joni and I heard a commotion from the home office. I went to investigate and found Maggie joyfully pulling each sheet off the printer as they came off. The machine was playing with her! This is a great day! I wrote this about loving each day in Stay. Hannah woke up convinced that every day was the best day ever. Maggie does the same. I think Satan’s strategy is devastatingly simple and effective. He wants
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Your Reviews Are Vital

Honest reviews from real people like you are critical to keeping the momentum going for a new book release. Curious shoppers pay attention to the reviews. One of the concerns about Stay is that it will be only a sad book about a dog that has cancer. Many reviewers have expressed that Stay is a book that is hopeful, joyful and fun even though there are some sad moments. That is life on this planet and I hope Stay reflects all of those emotions. It would be another big favor if you could (honestly) post a positive review at Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, Goodreads, or any combination of those sites. I am praying that God will use Stay to get this message of grace to people that normally would not pick up a Christian book. Perhaps some good “dogma” will help spread the word of His amazing grace! Sorry. And once again, thank you. I am blessed by your
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Thank you card

Deepest Appreciation For Your Help During The Launch of Stay!

Joni and I just returned from a wonderful vacation and I am catching up. I want to thank all of you who took the time to share the word about the release of Stay: Lessons My Dogs Taught Me about Life, Loss, and Grace. Thanks to you we are off to a good start. I would be grateful if you would take the time to post a review at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christianbook, Goodreads or wherever you got your copy of Stay. That keeps the momentum going if curious shoppers see good reviews. I am humbled by the response from you and others to my new book. Thanks again! Dave Burchett
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