One finish line in sight

In athletic competition one of the most grueling disciplines is the iron man triathlon. These amazing and perhaps crazy people run a marathon, ride a bicycle over 110 miles, and swim about 2 and one-half miles all in one ridiculous day. I have a bewildered respect for these athletes. But I have even more respect for the hundreds of thousands of men and women who are iron men and women in the race to defeat cancer. Regular readers of these humble ramblings know about Joni’s journey through the trial of breast cancer.

For Joni the first and most grueling stage (we pray) of the cancer triathlon has been the chemo marathon. We have been plodding through this course for over five months. Now we are down to only 3 weeks left. It has been a very difficult journey. But we are grateful.

  • Grateful that the end of this part of the race is nearing an end.
  • Grateful that we will have a chance to reach this finish line. Not all get that opportunity.
  • Grateful for friends, family, co-workers and complete strangers who have daily lifted Joni’s spiritual, emotional, and physical health before the throne of grace.
  • Grateful for what we have learned about ourselves and our God through this journey.
  • Grateful that we can walk together through this trial. How tough it must be for those who must go it alone.

I could go on and on. We are blessed in the midst of the storm. Please pray for Joni’s strength and energy as we finish the chemotherapy. She is tired of being tired. But she knows that is temporary and she soldiers on. Joni is incredible. Paul often talked about running the race with purpose.

Remember that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize. You also must run in such a way that you will win. All athletes practice strict self-control. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize. So I run straight to the goal with purpose in every step.  1 Cor 9   NLT

I have watched with humble and real admiration as Joni has run straight toward her goal with purpose in every step. She is well aware of her eternal prize but we are prayerfully expectant that she will win this cancer triathalon.

I have incredible respect for iron man triathletes. But with all due respect to the triathletes…you got nothin’ on my bride.