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Reader Mail: Why Are You Being So Obnoxious About Your Book?

Dear Bad Christian,

Why are you bombarding us with reminders everyday about the release of your new book. I get it.

Love in Jesus,

Speaking the Truth In Love Believer

Dear Speaking the Truth In Love,

Look at your salutation. What else would you expect from a Bad Christian? But the truth is that over 300,000 new books and editions will be printed in the United States this year. Even if you narrow the field to those published by the leading Christian publishing houses the number is around 6,000 titles. It is easy to get lost in the flurry of books that hit the shelves every week. An author like Max Lucado will automatically get prime shelf space when he publishes a book every other day. Oops…Max just published another book while I was writing this blog.

When a book like Stay comes out from a relatively unknown guy like me you have about 60 days to make a mark or be relegated to bargain bins and half-price shelves. I simply do not have a large enough platform (regular followers) to merit a bookstore keeping Stay on the shelves if it is not generating fairly regular sales. The old saying that you only have one chance to make a good first impression is more true in publishing than most endeavors.

So that is why I have asked, cajoled and even begged you to buy a copy of Stay and to spread the word to others. I have shamelessly used cute pictures of my dogs to try and get your attention about the book. DSC04368Doggone it! Did it again. Sorry.

If a book generates early buzz online sellers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book Distributors will be more likely to “suggest” the book to shoppers. Brick and mortar stores will make sure to have copies in stock and might display the book more prominently. Publications will take note and publish reviews. The window of opportunity is short so please forgive me if it has been a bit much for you.

I am winding down the frenetic launch phase of the book. I will be getting back to writing my usual blend of sporadic wit and random wisdom. So take heart in the news that you will soon be able to read my posts without being dogged (sorry again) by book promos. Until then, would you please order your copy or gift copies soon? Please? Pretty please? Good boy! Good Girl!  DSC_0977

Blessings and grace,

Your Resident Bad Christian and Annoying Marketeer