Closeup of signature (fake, not real) and pen, on old paper

You Want What?

One of the really weird things for me is when people want me to sign my book. I feel like the only time my signature is valuable is on a check written from the good account. I do love signing books at a bookstore because they can’t return them to the publisher. That fits into my narrative that my signature actually makes it worth less!

Nonetheless, I am honored when people find some value in a personal word or signature. I have gotten many inquiries via Facebook and Twitter about getting signed copies. The logistics and expense of that is a bit daunting. However, I am offering a low cost alternative if you would like a personal note in your book or a book for a friend.

Tyndale House Publishing provides autograph plates that adhere to an inside page of the book. Send me a self-addressed and stamped envelope (#6 envelope works great) inside of a regular business envelope. Clearly print the name you want it signed to and a very brief message. Here is an example of the length of message that fits.


I will sign an autograph plate or plates and return them to you.

I am excited and grateful that so many of you are giving Stay as gifts to your dog-loving friends and relatives. Here is what the reviewer said at Kara’s Book Korner.

If you are a dog lover or know one, hand them this book. And if you know a dog lover who is not a Christian, this could be a great outreach tool to introduce them to Scripture and the Creator of all.

Send your self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

David Burchett
PO Box 497022
Garland, TX 75049

Thanks for your encouragement and support. I would also be grateful if you would continue to spread the word that a free preview of Stay is available to read by clicking here.