Are You Reluctant To Read Stay?

My new book Stay: Lessons My Dogs Taught Me about Life, Loss, and Grace has been available for about 3 months. Your response has been an encouragement and blessing. Today I wanted to address the elephant in the kennel. When I have done book signings or talked about the book on the radio I often get these responses.

“Is this a sad book?”
“Will it make me cry?”
“Does the dog die?”

Those are usually followed by something like this.

“I can’t read it if it is (any of the above).”

My honest answers to the above queries would be sometimes, maybe and yes. But Stay is not a book about dying. It is entirely a book about living! The sad moments are wrapped in the redemptive joy of life, relationship and grace. I am pretty sure you will laugh, relate often to the stories of friendship, and marvel at the gift God has given us with these furry friends. Hannah lived well beyond her predicted time frame and those days were amazing times of inspiration and insight.

New rescue Maggie “found” us and brought her own story that includes a lot of adventures that will make you laugh and sometimes cringe.

I hope you will give Stay a chance even if you are a bit unsure. I think you will find it is much more than a sad story about a sick dog. It is a story about life itself and some lessons that changed me.

I have been blessed by the comments of people I don’t know at all on Amazon and other sites. Here is just a sampling.

This is a fantastic book. One that I will not only read but reflect, study, and put into practice. As a dog lover I relate to much of his experiences. ~ Laura

You may ask, how can a dog teach you about life, especially when pets are not your thing? Dave Burchett brings a perspective that is different than any other book about Life….read it and you will see….. ~ KSC

The most thoughtful, observant book I’ve read about the relationship between a pet and its owner. I bought it for two of my friends who have gone through recent loss and who love dogs, and they agree that this book is amazing. It truly touches the heart in the best way. ~ Anonymous

Fascinating and heartfelt story. Loving how he sees life lessons through the relationship with his dog, Well written, humorous and tender. ~ KE

Love love love! Wonderful insight to the Lords creation and life lessons! Awesome read! ~ Kerry

Out of the dozens of reviews only two have been critical and both have been from readers who do not share my Christian worldview. So be aware that this book is about dogs, faith, Jesus, grace and living life joyfully in the moment. No apologies for that. Just lettin’ you know.  I would be grateful if you checked it out.

Read the first chapter here.