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By late December of 2018 over five million people had watched an emotional sideline television interview with Newton, Texas High School football coach W.T. Johnston.  Just moments after the Texas State Championship game he shared one of the most powerful post-game messages I have ever witnessed. Now the story of this remarkable man and his heroic example of faith and courage is told in my brand-new book “Between the White Lines”.


W.T.Johnston Interview



I have been around sports figures and coaches for over forty years and I can say with complete honesty that W.T. Johnston is one of the most exceptional leaders I have ever encountered. W.T. allowed me total access to his past, his struggles, and his amazing insight to life honed by the fires of adversity. You will take away so many life lessons that may, as they have in my own life, change your daily journey. His story is a heartfelt lesson of how you can face life’s difficulties triumphantly and confidently.

After devastating medical news W.T. Johnston promised his players that he would teach them to “live ‘til you die’ and he did exactly that for his Newton Eagles family. But this is not a sad story. It is a compelling tale of great hope, joy, and gratitude. It is truly an honor to have been given the privilege to tell the story of my friend W.T. Johnston.

Former NFL star and Texas football legend Gary Reasons had this to say about the book.

“Between The White Lines” is a wonderful life-journey of how a highly successful football coach impacted countless lives with his spirituality and life teachings through Texas High School Football. As someone who has played this game growing up in Texas and at the game’s highest level, I found countless takeaways from the narrative that I believe are everlasting and available to all of us.”

I am especially pleased to announce that twenty percent of profits from every sale will go to the W.T. Johnston Scholarship Fund in Newton, Texas.

You can order the book now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online vendors.

Getting to know W.T. Johnston changed my life. I think there is a good chance his story will change yours as well.