Stay: Lessons My Dogs Taught Me about Life, Loss, and Grace

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Amazing (Furry) Lessons from a Dog’s Life

You’ll be enthralled by this story of a man and his lovable Labrador retriever, Hannah, and what their canine friendship can show us about51kEnqLSyQL life, grace, and long walks in the park.

Hannah was Dave’s best friend. He couldn’t imagine starting a day without her tail wagging an energetic greeting, her body wiggling with sheer gratitude when her food dish was filled, and her unbridled enthusiasm for tennis balls. (How she fit three tennis balls in her mouth at once he’ll never know.)

So when Dave first learned of Hannah’s cancer diagnosis, he decided to take whatever time he had left with Hannah to cherish the moments and capture his thoughts in a journal. As he wrote about his canine friend, he soon realized that Hannah was an able (and furry) mentor of faith, grace, kindness, and forgiveness. The lessons were invaluable: from being present to trusting the master. When Hannah lived well past the expected time frame, Dave started to see that the insights he was gaining were more than just journal entries about a family pet. Through Hannah’s antics, God was preparing Dave for life itself.

You won’t want to miss this heartwarming tale of a dog who knew how to live . . . and showed her owner how.

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  3. Bella#1

    Love the book.It sounds like me & my dog buddy.I left you a measage on F B .

  4. Susan Morgan

    To all my dog lover friends, this is a great read!

    • Dave Burchett

      Thank you Susan!

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  17. Georgana San Giacomo

    I just heard your interview on WBCL and just read your intro to the book Stay. I am amazed how similar our stories are, and how God lead me to your book for our family. We said good-by to our golden, Gracie who was a month shy of 15, 3 days before Christmas. It has been very hard for our kids, especially our 9 year old daughter, Lili, who is a dog lover like no other. She takes comfort in our much younger golden, Sissy, Lili’s birthday present several years ago, who provided the same role as your dog Hannah for Charlie. We love to read books as a family, and this devotional will be wonderful for all of us. Thank you for your efforts! It’s on my list of books to buy!

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  19. Gil Herren

    A great read! Who knew that dogs can remind us of the simplicity of loving, loyalty, and faith. Though they know little of faith, I’m certain that grace will bring our beloved companions, human and otherwise, to commune with us in Heaven. In the meantime, they teach us to be loyal, to live “in the moment”, and to ignore “what might come.” A durable read, and I have underlined just about every other paragraph in the book. Highly recommended!

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