Your Reviews Are Vital

Honest reviews from real people like you are critical to keeping the momentum going for a new book release. Curious shoppers pay attention to the reviews. One of the concerns about Stay is that it will be only a sad book about a dog that has cancer. Many reviewers have expressed that Stay is a book that is hopeful, joyful and fun even though there are some sad moments. That is life on this planet and I hope Stay reflects all of those emotions. It would be another big favor if you could (honestly) post a positive review at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christianbook.com, Goodreads, or any combination of those sites. I am praying that God will use Stay to get this message of grace to people that normally would not pick up a Christian book. Perhaps some good “dogma” will help spread the word of His amazing grace! Sorry. And once again, thank you. I am blessed by your
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Thank you card

Deepest Appreciation For Your Help During The Launch of Stay!

Joni and I just returned from a wonderful vacation and I am catching up. I want to thank all of you who took the time to share the word about the release of Stay: Lessons My Dogs Taught Me about Life, Loss, and Grace. Thanks to you we are off to a good start. I would be grateful if you would take the time to post a review at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christianbook, Goodreads or wherever you got your copy of Stay. That keeps the momentum going if curious shoppers see good reviews. I am humbled by the response from you and others to my new book. Thanks again! Dave Burchett
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Maggie 3

4 Love Lessons My Rescued Dogs Taught Me

(Re-posted from Crosswalk.com) “Stay: Lessons My Dogs Taught Me about Life, Loss, and Grace” is a collection of spiritual truths I learned from my rescued Labrador Retrievers Hannah and Maggie. Martin Luther wrote about his canine companions. “The dog is the most faithful of animals and would be much esteemed were it not so common. Our Lord God has made his greatest gifts the commonest.” We can learn so much from these faithful friends about life, love, and grace. Who knew that some of my most profound lessons would be taught by a couple of rescued puppies? Here is a sampler from the book. Love Your Life Is there a better example of this than a canine companion? If only we could live like we were just let off the leash to run in freedom and joyous abandon. I wish I enjoyed anything as much as my dog enjoys everything! Enjoy the day you have. Sure, life can be hard
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A Wonderful Endorsement

I am very excited and honored to have received this praise from a truly credible source for Stay. You can count on one opposable thumb how many books hold my interest. But Dave Burchett has written an incredible piece that describes what we’ve been trying to model to you all about God’s grace, His astonishing love, and what life feels like when humans discover who He’s remade them to be, even on their worst day. And the pages smell like a freshly cut lawn. I gotta get my master to read this! ~ Bali Lynch    John Lynch’s Golden Retriever Bali, who loves to chew on her master’s books The Cure and On My Worst Day Thanks Bali! Your best friend writes some pretty good books! Give him a nuzzle for all of us.
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The Dogs of Stay: Maggie and Discipline

I am delighted to share a brief snippet of my new book Stay. The book releases in less than 2 weeks. You can pre-order a copy now by clicking here. Today Maggie and I traversed the usual path. She sniffed and I listened to a podcast as we paced briskly through a comfortable Texas fall morning. She spotted something and moved toward the curb. My eye caught something at the same time, and I jerked violently on her leash to pull her toward me. She looked surprised, puzzled at what she had done wrong for such a harsh correction from me. The truth was that she hadn’t done anything wrong. Some knucklehead had shattered a beer bottle and a jagged piece was right in her path. She could have been seriously cut by the razor-sharp glass. I was thankful I had spotted it, but I could see that my action confused and maybe hurt Maggie’s feelings. I needed to assure
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